“Night Terrors’ Bloody Mary: Reflections Of Evil” AR Mobile App Now Available

September 18, 2019

This Halloween, Turn Your Home Into An Immersive Haunted House!

Night Terrors is from Imprezario Entertainment, a media company that develops augmented reality (AR) mobile experiences. The app pioneers state-of-the-art technology to immerse users in a survival horror game. The phone’s camera, LED light, and other system features create personalized scares using unique AR captured content. Paired with ASMR audio, the playing experience is unlike anything else.

The storyline resurrects the urban legend of Bloody Mary and the lethal fate she inflicts. Bloody Mary’s sinister tale has been spread by word of mouth for hundreds of years as a warning. Players brave enough to utter her name can be challenge to survive her reign of terror in their own surroundings.

Just remember: legends never die!

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