Our journey to worlds beyond

We expand the worlds of film and television to the massive world of play.

Since our founding, Imprezario Entertainment has sought to captivate audiences like never before. Whether a classic tale re-crafted through unique storylines or a new idea on the horizon, we’re inspired to create high quality characters and immersive experiences. In 2018, our first mobile app debuted titled, ‘Night Terrors™’, which redefined cinematic horror content. Utilizing augmented reality, live actors, and a phone’s full functionality, the game turned one’s own surroundings into a haunted house.

Since then, we’ve focused on combining exceptional technology and storytelling in all forms of gameplay and in all genres. We’re excited to share groundbreaking games for IP such as Ghostbusters, Peanuts, and Hello Kitty.


Heath Packard


Heath Packard

Chief Business Officer

Shane de Lumeau

Chief Product Officer


Jeanie Buss

Owner & President
Los Angeles Lakers

Kevin Hart

Actor & Entrepreneur
Hartbeat Ventures

Linda Rambis

Manager, Special Projects
Los Angeles Lakers

Chris Paul

NBA Star & Entrepreneur
CP3 Investments

Peter Delgrosso

Founding and Managing Partner
Bryant Stibel

Benoit Vatere

Founder & CEO
Mammoth Media

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